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Our Terms and Conditions General Disclaimer
rxmedsusa.org is an online pharmacy store that sells sleeping pills and associated products throughout the US and Europe. By using rxmedsusa.org, you (the user) agree to this disclaimer and to the terms and conditions set forth in this page. If you don’t agree with the terms and conditions and/or privacy policy of rxmedsusa.orgm, then please do not use our website. By using rxmedsusa.org, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and agree with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Note that the terms and conditions of using rxmedsusa.org are subject to change at any time and without prior indication. As a user, it is your sole responsibility to visit the Terms and Conditions page concerning the use of rxmedsusa.org regularly in order to ensure your compliance and responsibilities.

Medical Disclaimer
rxmedsusa.org is an online pharmacy store for buying different types of medications that alleviate the symptoms of, and provide treatment for insomnia. rxmedsusa.org maintains its stance in providing accurate and resourceful information when it comes to insomnia, however, we do not partake in sharing medical opinions and advice with our website visitors or customers. We do not consider ourselves as a medical authority and as such, do not provide any medication recommendations. The purpose of rxmedsusa.org is to provide an online source for buying insomnia treatment medications and to offer accurate information pertaining to sleeping problems. On our product pages, users can find information such as the type of medication, how it works, administration method, side effects, and so on. Any suggested dosages provided on our website should not be considered as prescriptions or recommendations from rxmedsusa.org.

Miscellaneous Disclaimer
Different types of sleeping pills are classified according to type in separate countries across Europe. Depending on where you (the user) may live, your country may regulate some sleeping medications as prescription based only while others are classified as over the counter medications. As a user, it is your responsibility to find out more about the regulations pertaining to sleeping medications in your country of residence. By using rxmedsusa.org, you agree that you are buying and using the sleeping medications responsibly and will not hold rxmedsusa.org responsible for any incidents that may occur as a result of using the medication.

Legal Disclaimer
1. Use of Material.
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2. Consequential Damages.
rxmedsusa.org and its partner and affiliate websites will not be held accountable for damages including but not limited to incidental and consequential damages caused under any circumstances.

3. User Submission.
All material and content available on rxmedsusa.org is non-confidential and may be accessed by third party websites and/or applications. When a user posts information, comments or content on our website, he/she agrees to give rxmedsusa.org non-exclusive and royalty free license to edit, distribute, publish, and illustrate the content alone or with technology and media platforms. The user also agrees to provide rxmedsusa.org the right to sub-license the content through sub-licensing tiers. As a user, you are responsible for the communications and the consequences and reactions associated with the communications you partake in on rxmedsusa.org The user is responsible in making sure that he or she does not publish any material or content that is subject to copyrights unless the copyright owner has permitted the said user with proof to use the material. Users are not allowed to, and must stay away from posting material or content that is subject to copyright without permission. Furthermore, all users must refrain from impersonating other person(s) irrespective of the purpose. rxmedsusa.org is not accountable for material posted by user(s) and third party websites and applications that infringe any legal rules. By using rxmedsusa.org, you (the user) take responsibility for the content you post and communications you make on our website. Note that rxmedsusa.org reserves the right to remove any material or content which it deems as unlawful, illegal, inappropriate or otherwise unethical. Users found posting such material may be denied access to rxmedsusa.org and its affiliate and partner websites in the future.

4. Links to Other Sites.
On rxmedsusa.org, users may find links to third party websites. Please note that any and all links are available solely for convenience, as rxmedsusa.org does not endorse any third party websites or applications on its website. rxmedsusa.org is furthermore not accountable for any material or content published on the third-party websites and applications and is not representative of any factually incorrect and misleading information available on third party websites and applications. When you visit the third party links available on rxmedsusa.org, you do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for any communications you make or content you read on third party websites and applications, whether or not it may lead to loss or damage.

5. Indemnity.
You (the user) agree to indemnify by gaining access to and using rxmedsusa.org. As such, you will not hold rxmedsusa.organd its personnel accountable for any actions and claims of any nature whether the action or claim is legally binding or is issued with the intent to harm as a result of using material available on our website.

6. User Information.
rxmedsusa.org periodically collects user information such as name, IP address, email address, and mailing address for business development and marketing purposes. We protect the personally identifiable information and banking details of our customers 24/7. Note that we maintain the right to disclose personally identifiable information if the user is engaged in any unlawful or illegal activity. Cyber theft will be treated as a punishable offense and the account information and banking details of the user will be passed on to the relevant law enforcement authorities.